Set of 3 – 50″ Toro TimeCutter Mulching Blades (115-5062-03)


  • Toro TimeCutter Blade 115-5062-03 × 3

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Toro Blade-Mulch, 17.50 INCH

Set of 3 – Genuine 50 IN Toro TimeCutter Mulch Blades (115-5062-03)

These blades are included in 50″ Recycler Kits (79019 & 79024) to enhance mulch quality of grass clippings

Used in Mulch Kits

116-4767 (50in Mulching Kit, 2007 and After Riding Mower)
116-6514 (50in Mulching Kit, Zero-Turn-Radius Riding Mower)
117-5312 (50in Recycler Kit, TITAN Zero-Turn-Radius Riding Mower )
131-4184 (34in Recycler Kit, TimeCutter MX Series Riding Mower)
74387 (TimeCutter ZS 5000 Riding Mower)
74395 (TimeCutter ZS 5000TF Riding Mower)
74660 (TimeCutter ZS 5000 Riding Mower)
74661 (TimeCutter ZS 5000 Riding Mower)
74680 (TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower)
79019 (50in Recycler Kit, 2007 and After Riding Mower)
79024 (50in Recycler Kit, TimeCutter MX Series Riding Mower)

Fits TimeCutter models

117-5310 (50in Finishing Kit, Bagger for Zero-Turn-Radius Riding Mower )
74630 (TimeCutter SS 5000 Riding Mower)
74631 (TimeCutter SS 5000 Riding Mower)
74632 (TimeCutter SS 5060 Riding Mower)
74635 (TimeCutter SS 5035 Riding Mower)
74637 (TimeCutter SS 5000 Riding Mower)
74638 (TimeCutter SS 5060 Riding Mower)
74641 (TimeCutter MX 5060 Riding Mower)
74643 (TimeCutter MX 5060 Riding Mower)
74730 (TimeCutter SS 5000 Riding Mower)
74731 (TimeCutter SS 5000 Riding Mower)
74732 (TimeCutter SS 5000 Riding Mower)
74750 (TimeCutter MX 3450 Riding Mower)
74770 (TimeCutter MX 5050 Riding Mower)
74771 (TimeCutter MX 5050 Riding Mower)
74775 (TimeCutter MX 5000 Riding Mower)
74776 (TimeCutter MX 5025 Riding Mower)
74790 (TimeCutter SW 5000 Riding Mower)
74797 (TimeCutter SWX 5050 Riding Mower)
74798 (TimeCutter SWX 5050 Riding Mower)
79016 (Replacement Blade Kit, 2007 and After TimeCutter Riding Mower with 50in Mower)

Fits Exmark models

QSS708GEM50200, Quest Front Steer
QSS725GKC50200, Quest Front Steer
QT24KA501, Quest
QTE691KA501, Quest
QTE708GEM50200, Quest Drive Levers
QTE735KC501, Quest
QTS452CEM34200, Quest Drive Levers
QTS452CEM34200, Quest Drive Levers
QTS691KA502, Quest
QTS691KA502, Quest
QTS708GEM50200, Quest Drive Levers
Quest Drive Levers
Quest Drive Levers
QTS725GKC50200, Quest Drive Levers
QTS735KC502, Quest
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Weight 8 lbs
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  • Toro TimeCutter Blade 115-5062-03 × 3

    In stock (can be backordered)