Walk Power Mower

Service Details

Inspects overall condition of machine; Drains and cleans fuel tank to remove any moisture or debris; Replaces air filter, pre-filter, spark plug and fuel filter; Changes engine oil; Adjusts all cables and controls; Checks and adjusts valves if needed; Checks engine RPM and sets within manufacturer’s specifications; Sharpens or replaces blade; Tightens and adjusts all wheels and adjusters; Inspects self-propel system and lubricates drive ratchets; Fills with stabilized fuel; Pressure wash, start and check basic operation.

Residential Riding Mower

Service Details

Inspects overall condition of the machine; Changes engine oil and filter; Sharpens and balances blades; Replaces air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug(s); fills tank with stabilized fuel. Inspects charging system for proper battery charging; Load test battery; Charges or replaces battery as needed; Tightens, cleans and seals battery cables with corrosion protectant; Adjusts cables and controls; Adjusts engine rpms and idle speed; Tightens all loose bolts and hardware; Inspects belts for wear; Adjusts all belt guards; Adjusts tire pressure; Adjusts hydro drive tracking and neutral position; Inspects deck spindle bearings, all idler pulleys, and gauge wheels (Replace as needed); Confirms deck level and adjusts if needed; Scrapes under deck; Checks all operations; Clean unit.

Walk Power Mower $89.99 Plus Parts

30″ TimeMaster


$129.99 Plus Parts

Zero Turn Rider (Small Frame)


$165.99 Plus Parts


Zero Turn Rider (Large Frame) $199.99 Plus Parts
Tractor $195.99 Plus Parts

Pick Up and Delivery Service

We offer pick up & delivery services. When scheduling service, please inquire about charges for pick & delivery in your zip code.