Hustler Flex Forks

Hustler Turf Equipment has engineered many innovations throughout the lawn care industry. Zero turn riding mowers manufactured by Hustler deliver impressive ground speed, smooth steering and a high quality cut.

Uneven turf and rough terrain typically derail the best designs. Mowing bumpy lawns results in operator fatigue, poor cut quality and even damage to lawnmowers. Every rut ripples through belts, springs, bolts and your back. Hustler designed flex forks to ease this trauma. Flex Forks replace the rigid front caster forks with a flexible design.

Each flex fork absorbs sudden changes in the turf like a shock absorber. The caster quickly flexes then returns to the standard position. This innovation contains the disruption so the frame, deck and rider avoid the sudden jolts and excessive vibration typical of rigid designs. This accessory has become so popular some Hustler models now feature the distinction black flex forks as standard equpment.

Key Benefits

The immediate impact is felt by you. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional landscape contractor, a smoother ride is always appreciated.

The frame, deck, belts and other components also benefit from a smoother ride.

Better ground speed means you get the job done faster.

Most of our customers report a more even cut once flex forks are installed.

Installation and Compatibility

Most homeowners are able to install flex forks kits without professional help. Each kit includes installation instructions. On most models it is a simple as removing a few bolts.

Our search tool allows you to enter your model number to find all accessories. We have a helpful article on finding your model number.  The best way to find your compatible kit is to use our search tool.

The current Flex Forks Kits are listed below with links to each.

Hustler Flex Forks Kit (600213) for 48 IN Raptor SD, Raptor XD & FasTrak

Hustler Raptor Flip-Up Flex Forks Kit (605677)

Hustler Super Z Flex Forks Kit (116281)

Hustler Flex Forks Kit (606696)

Hustler Raptor X Flex Forks Kit (608313)

Hustler Flex Forks Kit (608242) – Raptor X and XL

Hustler Raptor Flex Forks Kit (799288)

Hustler Flex Forks Kit (605123) – Raptor SD, Raptor XD & FasTrak