Homeowners are often frustrated by handheld equipment. Many brands are inexpensive and unreliable. So it is easy to skip maintenance on handheld equipment like power blowers, hedge trimmers and string trimmers. Following some very simple procedures of these tools may add years of service. I typically change filters, spark plugs and fuel lines each fall. These parts are easy to install for any homeowner and truly improve reliability, starting and performance.

It doesn’t always make sense to pay a professional for a complete tune up on inexpensive equipment, so I prepared the rest of this checklist with the help of our service technicians.

Drain your Fuel

Right at the top the list is draining your fuel tank. Whether you are cleaning your equipment or preparing to store it for the offseason, pour every drop of fuel out of the tank.

After draining, depress your primer bulb a few dozen times. This should purge any fuel still left in the carburetor.

Prepare the fuel system

Inspect the fuel lines for signs of cracking.

Replace the fuel filter and any damaged fuel lines. Echo You Can Kits include precut fuel lines for easier installation.

If you are storing your equipment for the offseason do not refill your fuel tank. Only refill your fuel tank with fresh fuel if you plan to use it .

Change common parts

Air filters and spark plugs are inexpensive items. Replacing these every year or two improves reliability, performance and reduces the dreaded 50 pull start.


Features convenient tune-up kits for and individual parts.