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Be Prepared for Anything: The Many Uses of The Portable Generator

Electricity is a convenience that we take for granted.  Plugs and cords, with the power that flows through them, are ever-present in our daily lives.  To be sure, electricity powers the numerous critical machines we use, including lights, furnaces, and medical devices, as well as less critical, but no less important devices like televisions, stereos, and computers.  If there is a powered socket available, we continue to have access to all the devices that make our lives better.  However, in many circumstances and for numerous reasons, there are times when power is not available.  A portable generator can solve this problem.  In this article, we will discuss the top 5 use cases for this powerful and convenient piece of equipment.

Portable Generators Used as Emergency Power Back-Up

All seasons of the year present the possibility of a natural disaster occurring.  Whether a hurricane or tornado, an ice storm, or a blizzard, one of the effects of a severe weather event is an interruption to the power supplied to the appliances in our homes.  Lights, furnaces, refrigerators, and sump pumps are just a few of the home appliances that are affected by a power interruption.  Some homes also have critical medical equipment that the owners rely on.  A portable generator can provide a source of uninterrupted power to these and other devices in our homes, providing us with security and peace of mind during a stressful situation.

Portable Generators Used in Remote Locations

Many times our leisure activities find us without access to electricity.  Whether camping, fishing, or hunting, a portable generator will provide the power we need to bring the conveniences that we enjoy to remote locations.  Our cameras, phones, laptops, lights, and heaters are just a few of the items that require power.  Bringing a portable generator with us on our outdoor adventures allows us to engage in outdoor pursuits with more convenience and safety.  A charged cellular phone in the wilderness will certainly prove to be a much-needed tool in the event of an emergency.  Additionally, keeping camera batteries fully charged will ensure that you capture all the moments of your trip.

Portable Generators Used During Outdoor Activities

You do not need to travel to remote areas to be removed from access to electricity.  A few examples that are not remote are tailgating events, outdoor parties, and music festivals.  Powering the televisions, food warmers, and blenders at a tailgating event in your favorite sports team parking lot allow you to bring the appliances that make the party more enjoyable.  Powering lights and a sound system in the corner of your backyard avoids the need for lengths of unsightly and potentially hazardous extension cords.

Portable Generators Used on Job Sites

Portable generators prove to be a valuable tool when we find ourselves with work to do in a place without power.  Power tools like saws and drills can continue to be used on powerless sites with the presence of a portable generator.  Working early in the morning, or late at night, portable lighting can also be powered with a generator.  Food trucks in parking lots or in parks rely on the power that portable generators provide.

Portable Generators Used as Back-Up Power –

It is not only weather events or natural disasters that cause power outages in our homes.  Sometimes, with and without explanation, the power goes out.  While this is rare in most locations, it does happen.  Owning a portable generator will ensure that critical appliances are still powered.  Lights, computers, cell phones, refrigerators, and sump pumps can still be used during power disruption.


The Mower Shop’s Pick for Portable Power – The Mower Shop’s choice for portable power is the Honda Generator.  Honda generators have a history of reliability and performance.  The following are the top reasons you should consider a Honda generator.

Honda Generators are Reliable – Honda manufactures their generators to last many years of heavy use.  They are known for their reliable operation, making them a great choice for homeowners and commercial users.

Honda Generators are Fuel Efficient  – Honda engineers all their engines, including the engines that power their generators to be very fuel efficient.  This fuel efficiency will save money on fuel costs and will also reduce the environmental impact.

Honda Generators are Quiet – Honda generators, especially the EU series models, operate very quietly, making them a perfect choice for numerous settings.  In your yard, job site, or campsite, using the Honda generator will not disturb your neighbors. Many campgrounds only allow Honda generators for this reason.

Honda Generators are Easy to Use – Like all Honda equipment, Honda generators are very easy to start and operate.  User-friendly setup and operation mean that you do not need specialized skills to own and use this machine.

Honda Generators Come in a Wide Range of Models – Honda offers a wide range of generators.  From an ultra-portable 1000-watt model for light duty to the 7000-watt model for whole-home power backup, Honda has the generator to meet your specific needs.

Portable generators allow you to take electricity with you.  Camping, hunting, job sites, and parties, will no longer be limited by their lack of access to electricity.  Owning a portable generator will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a plan should you ever find yourself without power.  Reliable, durable, and quiet Honda generators can provide you with the power you need, when and where you need it.